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Aditi Bathia

Author, Travel Vlogger, Pet mom, Consumer Insights Specialist, BCG


Can you ever forget your one true first love? Does marriage supersede love? Can marriage survive without love? And what happens when the love of your life leaves you, only to return at the most vulnerable time of your life?

Join Anya, a successful advertising executive, on her journey to discover answers to these questions as she bumps into Aarav, her ex from her life before marriage and now her firm’s client, after eight long years. As sparks reignite instantly upon her reunion with Aarav, Anya risks her marriage with Yohan to explore what the other side of loyalty holds for her.

The result is an epistolary of many letters written by Anya – to Aarav and to Yohan – that uncovers the various layers of emotions that envelope human nature and explores the various shades of greys – none pure white, or pure black.

Will Anya find a solution to the perpetual question of choice between love and marriage? What sacrifices will she need to make both in her personal and professional life to achieve what her heart desires? Most importantly, will she find what she has set out in search of?

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5'' x 8''


180 Grams



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