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Forgotten Tales: Stories from the Kashmir Valley


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A young girl, who is on a journey of finding her missing father, dedicates her entire life to tracing him. The story of two women whose strong bond of friendship transcends religion, brings us a lesser known, humane side of Kashmir. Another young girl falls in love and weaves a thousand dreams, but a shocking turn of events could very well cost her this dear love.

Forgotten Tales is a somber collection of 11 short stories, all set in times of conflict, but each revealing a different account, touching upon different aspects of people’s lives in the valley.

Torn by decades of conflict, Kashmir holds several untold stories of death, bloodshed, disappearances, rape, sufferings and injustice. But what’s often forgotten in the midst of all this turmoil is that, these could also be stories of love, friendship, reminiscence and hope.

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