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The G strings : My Life and Times at the AFMC


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On the given day, in the open square at the center of the girls’ hostel, the crowds assembled. In gladiatorial fashion and to the fanfare and cheers of girls on all three floors overlooking the stage, the contestants entered. Miss One entered wearing a bikini, her body overflowing on all margins that were not supported by the fabric. In one swift and seamless move, she tossed her bra aside with her left hand, and shoved each breast over the same-side shoulder with the other hand. She went on to nonchalantly powder the undersides of her breasts, declaring, “See, I do not have intertrigo.” Claps, gasps and screams of “wow” from the audience were heard in the boy’s hostel too. Miss Two walked in next. Her anatomy defied description. She did have a thorax, (with huge breasts) and a pelvisƒbut where was the abdomen? As it turned out, it did not matter on that fateful day. In a careless languid way, she casually tossed her breasts over the opposite shoulder, powdered the undersides and declared, “See, I too do not have intertrigo.” She won the vote and was declared Miss Lard AFMC 1969. Even the victory sash was tight for her. Dr Sishta’s “My Life and Times at the AFMC” is a serious thought-provoking book that provides rare insights and a ringside view of a disciplined medical education and the involved fun and games.î

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