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It’s Complicated


It’s Complicated


They say, “Actions speak louder than words.” Then, why do we need to say how or what we feel? Why can’t it be understood by actions? At times, it really becomes hard to say something when you know you may not be able to live up to it, not because you cannot, but because others will not let you do so. ‘It’s complicated’ – brings out such real life incidents, where the person does want to, but has limitations to voice his feelings. Ironically, his actions are invariably misunderstood. So what is the choice? What can he do? How can he reveal his feelings? Why does he reveal his feelings only through his gestures and actions? Why is he so scared to let the other person know his feelings? It is indeed complicated. His inability to voice out his feelings clearly makes his life a roller coaster ride, with upside happiness and downside sorrows. It’s complicated because it involves friendship, love, religions, fast-paced life, and relationships losing their sheen . . . and so on.

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