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A college kid. Reckless and lethargic. A mindless act of fun on an early morning in his college canteen messes up his life. In a moment of madness and revenge he commits a felony he would have to pay for. In an attempt to escape its consequences he runs away from his home from Goa to Mumbai.

Alone in Mumbai and struggling to meet his daily expenses, he comes across two ladies who would change the course of his life. One, a strong woman running a restaurant and mansion in an area of Mumbai known for its prostitution. Two, a young bright girl whose dream is to become the First Lady Umpire in the history of Indian cricket and who he eventually falls in love with. His life amidst prostitutes and the struggle he undergoes while helping his lover achieve her dream, change his perspective of the world in many ways.

CHASING HER DREAM is a story of discoveries, hardships and how life’s struggle transforms a happy-go-lucky college boy to a mature and kind human being.

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