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Breakup ? It’s not an end…


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Raghunath Jaiswal

A YouTuber, a trainer, a relationship counsellor, a writer, mainly loves CRAZY WORKS.


A girl, simple and innocent … enjoying her school days… He came and she got close to him. She liked him, but he wanted to be only a friend. She got into depression…Another one came into her life; they got into a relation…They were happy… Crossed their limits! Twist! He married, but not her. She left him! She got into depression… He (the first one) came back…Consoled her! She is living happily without him… When a 16- year- old girl can come out of her self-pity situation and can live happily after witnessing the worst part of her life, then why cannot the ones who face a situation of Breakup? A story to enjoy, understand, feel, and learn from a teenager, who did something, which so many people cannot do…

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