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What happens in office, stays in office


What happens in office, stays in office


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A no-holds-barred account of life in the cut-throat world of large corporations, told in a unique humorous and ironical style. A world where millions are employed and are forever engaged in finding a balance between doing right for the organization and doing right for themselves. The domineering boss, the whining employee, the counter-productive policy-making, the jockeying for visibility, are all products of this interesting world. Not all, however, is as it appears on the “smooth and shiny” surface of this world. There are personal anxieties and fears which get carried into business interactions. Though informal outlets are available to people in corporations, mostly through the often innocuous art of “bitching”, many of these subterranean currents never get recognized or discussed openly. Perhaps for the first time ever, this book discusses situations where these subtle (to the doer) and shameless (to the doee) acts often create outcomes that are both poignant and funny and, at times, downright disgusting. In the garb of humour and satire, this book delivers some hard-hitting management lessons. In doing so, however, Ankur may have inadvertently let out some never before talked about “secrets of success” of “The Club” that the Corporate world appears to be from outside. Readers of Ankur’s blog (darkofficehumour.wordpress.com) have compared his writing to that of Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert, the cartoon strip) and Joseph Heller (author of Catch22), both masterpieces of satire. His Blog has also received recognition through the “Versatile Blogger” award several times in its brief history.

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