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Four friends – Siddharth, Surya, Swetha and Imran – in their early twenties from different social and economic backgrounds and with different ideologies, live in the metropolis of Hyderabad. Siddharth, frustrated with the way the world is, constantly questions the basis of the existing systems of the modern world. Driven by his keen observation of mankind and interest in worldly affairs, Siddharth comes up with the role he needs to play. Surya, in the meantime, is shocked to learn about his sudden marriage proposal. All of them leave for a remote village to attend his marriage along with Surya’s cousin Akanksha. The village, with its age-old stories and diverse characters, is eagerly waiting to change their lives forever. The book features the struggle between the rich and the poor, love and lust, wants and responsibilities… With its contrasting characters set against the backdrop of two contrasting locations, the story highlights the unrecognised potential of our neglected rural areas.

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