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Two Liars Love Story

Two Liars Love Story


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Love nowadays has so many different ways. This book speaks about a unique and strange way of showing true love. A couple – Anu and Sagar make each other promise that no matter what happens that either both of them will always speak the truth or die. But truth puts them into so much trouble that they are almost thrown out of college, and all their friends become their enemies. Both of them are isolated from everyone and even their own parents refuse to speak to them. To change this, they decide to toss a coin and if the coin falls on its head side, then they would continue to speak the truth. But if the coin falls on its tail side, then they would speak lies. As they toss the coin, an ex-boyfriend of Anu, Himesh appears on the scene and he also becomes part of this. Anu and Sagar had wanted to get back their happy life, before they started speaking the truth, by now lying. But the situation takes an unhappy twist and they are faced with more problems and comical situations. The story climaxes with one of them being killed by a stranger … who will be killed and who will Anu ultimately marry … who is her true love… and why was speaking the truth so important. Read on to find the real person in you…

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