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The Unknown


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“Chetan is a successful businessman whose life revolves around his business and the work he does towards the empowerment of women in society. He gives donations to the girls’ schools and also teaches girls for free in the evenings.

However, he was not always this serious in his life. He was in a relationship with Misha and loved her whole-heartedly. She too loved him immensely. Now she is no longer with him and since then, he has changed himself from being a fun-loving boy to a responsible young man.

On the other side, a news channel is receiving some videos from an unknown man. The videos show the brutality committed by an unknown masked man on some workers.

But who is that unknown guy?
What does he want from those workers?

What is his motive behind sending those videos to the news channel?

What happens with Chetan’s life?

All these questions will be answered in THE UNKNOWN.”

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