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Shock after shock! Total shock runs through the pages of ïOperation Liquidus’, the latest novel from M C Raj. The dividing line between fiction and reality is almost invisible. The reader is made to oscillate constantly between the truth of fiction and the illusion of reality. When the reader comes out of the novel it will be a fully drenched world of intrigues. Shrugging off will be an onerous task. Occasionally the readers’ world is bound to come to a standstill. Starting with the intrigues of the Vatican, the seat of power for many centuries in the entire world, the novel traverses through Italy, India, Germany, Brazil and finally ends in India. The journey is bound to be exhilarating with Kris and his two wives Rhea and Fatima playing their pivotal roles to perfection. Idea of one man living with two wives! Who is this man? The Vatican puts him in jail suspecting him to be an Islamic terrorist. Appearances can be very deceiving. But who kills the Pope? A group of Cardinals in hot pursuit of Kris with ïOperation Liquidus’! Kris had married both the Muslim girls in India where he goes back after the Vatican fiasco. The threesome lands up in Sabarmati. A long and arduous journey of engagement with Karmachand, the experimenter of naked truth! Explosive truths! Expulsions! Their journey to Germany brings them in touch with Bhim Raj and Karl, two great philosophers the world has ever seen. Operation Liquidus misfires in Germany and takes the life of Karl’s instead of Kris’. Murder plots, arrests, police enquiry, truths about Vatican, hushing up operations galore! Alice, the Catholic nun reveals it all and is sent to a mental asylum. Mueller, the German journalist takes the Trio to Brazil. ïOperation Liquidus’ succeeds in the land of the Indigenous Peoples. Kris is finally killed. His story however, continues. Who is Kris? Fatima has the answer. Find it out from her. A treat is awaiting you.æñBringing out truths, bitter and ugly truthsƒThe author M C Raj is at his game yet again. Call it fiction, call it truth, call it historyƒ.he is taking you on a roller-coaster ride through Operation LiquidusƒMysteries unfoldedƒsanctity gunned downƒ.masks dropped and churning inside the graveƒAll this brings a real churning in your stomach till you put down the novelƒ ñReading this novel is a smooth sail, no melodrama…The author keeps the reader on the edge hitting them with hard realities. A reality fiction indeed!… ñThe author’s description of different landscapes is simply awesome and classicƒîæ Archana Casmir

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