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Inside The Boundary Lines


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…He couldn’t prove it in a court of law but he had seen it in these two maiden overs being bowled. No, not bowled maidens but rather played maidens by the batsmen. It was akin and not so akin to seeing a ghost… Inside the Boundary Line creates an alternate reality woven around the game of cricket. Dhiren Shah, the protagonist, is a common man with some common sense. He falls into the lure of cricket betting. While indulging in betting, he is able to decipher and understand the deep and intricate connections between betting and match-fixing in cricket. Slowly but surely he discovers that his world is ruled by machinations and corruption of some, and the folly of the rest. The work also portrays the roles played by the various parties including the commentators and cricket-experts in the operations of the match-fixing conglomerate. You will shock yourself to discover that there is a lot about cricket you are yet to learn.

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