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Climbing Rainbows


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Life is filled with challenging situations. We must face them – as children and as adults. Learning the skills to cope with the hard things in life is a rich, learning experience. Climbing Rainbows, a collection of six stories, celebrates these brave moments of struggle for children.

Sudha is shocked to hear of her beloved grandmother’s sudden demise. Why do people have to die? Where does death lead us?

Little Keshav does not want to be uprooted from his school and move to a new city. He cannot imagine another life, other friends.

Maya and Dev come to terms in their sibling rivalry by looking at things differently.

Young Ashwin is torn trying to understand that his parents love him, but that grown-ups too, need their own space.

Harsha, a chubby chunk of lard, fights a seemingly hopeless battle against obesity.

Joshua, boldly faces the ravages of war to pursue his dream.

Here are six champions who are tested to prove their emotional resilience. Through their difficult journeys they learn to focus on what they can control. They learn to embrace the challenges they face, not run from them. They experience difficult times and obstacles and come out strong and self-confident.

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