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At the End of the Day


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This book is a collection of essays on topics ranging from the mundane to special. Relationships, friendship, marriage, changing values, being a woman, ageing, and fighting cancer, all find a place in this book. Profiles of ordinary people, who have lived extraordinary lives spreading sunshine around them, will introduce the readers to the ordinary man with extraordinary deeds. Social topics ranging from the smoking menace in women to female feticide find a voice in this book. These are topics about the life going around us, sometimes caressing us, while sometimes blowing us away. It is about unconnected lives that touch ours unknowingly, changing our perception or re-assuring us about the path we have chosen. It is about every day that comes as a new day in our lives. These short essays will touch your heart, make you nostalgic, sometimes bring out the pain, or joy in your heart, flow from your eyes as you reminisce about your own life. You will enjoy reading some and find some articles cathartic. Some are thought provoking; while some will help, you strengthen your heart as you go ahead in life. Some essays will make you pause and think about your role in that situation, while some will re-unite you with your broken relationships. This book gives words to your thoughts.

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