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A Bride’s Worth


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Sanjay Panikar

I mainly write humour. Once, when I wrote a violent murder mystery, people laughed. Since then, I prefer to say I write humour. I used to work in a big corporate company, but they found out.


A Bride’s Worth is a rib – tickling travesty of farcical tales. This collection of make believe, surreal stories traverse the mythical age of the Mahabharat, the ancient Histrionic Civillisation, the New Blling dynasty of China, the Mayan Civillisation, the modern Silliconbased New York life, and our own desi political life where crime and politics are conjoined twins. The author tells his incredible tales through the involuntarily celibate, comical archaeologist Professor Tilak…a fictional, preposterous character created by the author’s vivid and vivacious imagination. Using the whole world of human history as his canvas, the Professor takes you on a fascinating ride to different locations, eras, cultures and civilisations. It’s a treat full of twists, turns, surprises, digs and some of the most risible stories ever wrtten.

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