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What A Wonderful World

What A Wonderful World


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Why is it that only flowers bloom?  What if a duck became an egret? Why do parrots look alike but butterflies are all different? What if sea water turned sweet and rivers became salty?  These wonderful questions which bubble in the curious minds of children, may not have ready or obvious answers and can at times try the patience of a teacher of parent. They spring from developing powers of observation and supple imagination, and an effort to provide inherent logic to the scheme of things that dominate the world of adults. As parents and teachers, we need to understand and match the answers to the questions which emerge from free minds and unadulterated observation. Then adults too, can share these wonderful constructs, which are in fact, the ‘truths of wonderland’. What a Wonderful World  provides a generous helping of such truths- to nurture and delight the child in us all.

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