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Mystery Of The Kung-Fu Panda : The KOOL-5 Mystery Series


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Sonu Dabral

Strange how I can write the destinies of my characters but not predict the very next word in the book of my own life! So in my story, I do an MBA and Bed, a certified course in publishing from NBT, but never get down to using these degrees professionally, instead, I tread into the alien fields of Education (running…


The Kool-5 mystery hunters are a bunch of five spunky youngsters – Maya, Munch, Jinx, Nano and Dodo, who live in an urban residential complex. The adventure seekers love to ‘chillax’ and play pranks on ‘The Gabbar’, the security guard. They also hold secret meetings in their Headquarters – an old, abandoned garage – where they coin Kool   new words tank up from the car pantry and brainstorm over baffling and sometimes dangerous mysteries… Mystery beckons the K-5 when a cute Panda stuffed toy is mysteriously found inside Jinx’s backpack one morning at Central Park. A masked hoodlum threatens her with dire consequences unless she gives it back. And then there is the little girl Ria, who has a Kung Fu Panda exactly like the one with Jinx. To everyone’s horror, Ria’s kid brother has been kidnapped and there has been an attempted robbery at her house! What is the connection between the harmless toy and these crimes? The K-5 struggle for an answer to the puzzle as they find themselves in the midst of the Mystery Of The Kung Fu Panda.

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5.5" x 8"



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