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CHAMPA The Dreamer Journeys To The Land Of the Buddha


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Asha Shankardass

My life’s journey – from Rawalpindi to free India; love of books, drama, music, travel; professional (Co. Secy.); now into Vipassana meditation and writing children’s books.


Eleven-year-old Champa lives with her family in a little village on the banks of a river in Punjab. A dreamer, she longs to see the world beyond her little village. On a holiday, Champa goes to visit her friend Meera in Lucknow, the City of Nawabs. It is her very first train journey! She expriences the culture and history of the region through the new and intriguing sights and smells – and the adventures she has. Champa then travels with Meera and her family and discovers the land of the Buddha – his stories, his teachings and the places which marked the journey of his life…

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