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LONELY AT THE TOP : Reflections of a mentor


LONELY AT THE TOP : Reflections of a mentor


Lonely at the Top is about leaders and the challenges they face as they walk alone. This edited anthology contains the reflections of a seasoned Mentor, on the leadership dilemmas of the CEO in a turbulent and unpredictably changing world. With examples and experiences, the author indicates, sometimes subtly and at other times, forcefully, the tools, mindsets and approaches that enable leaders to steer their organizations safely through dangerous times. Many Indian CEOs also suffer from cultural schizophrenia, whether acknowledged or not – a crisis of identity stemming from the differing dialectics of modern Western business culture and India’s own rich, philosophical heritage. Using real experiences as telling case studies, the book demonstrates the value of anchorage in the spiritual ethos of India, and especially in the ambrosial mentoring of Arjuna by Lord Krishna, on the eve of a primordial conflict that has much in common with the inner conflicts in the minds of today’s decision-makers.

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