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Far from Pretension

By Arpit Sharma

“Shikhar, a poor teenage boy seems to be happy when a long lost friend finally comes to visit him after years. Everything seems to be going jolly until he comes to know about the reason why his friend has actually paid him a visit. He needs Shikharto accompany him to Delhi for a fierce competition of academics from around the country. Shikhar leaves with the hope of winning the competition and getting his family out of financial misery.

Conditions at his home and competition seem to grow worse day by day. Shikhar, unknown to the situation at home, tries to survive in the rounds. When faced with a heart-breaking decision and betrayed at last, which path will Shikharchoose for himself?”

Fresh -cover-far from Pretension Option 2c-5x8-10-10-2016
Arpit Sharma
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"Arpit Sharma, aged seventeen, is the youngest inspirational author of India based in Bhopal. With a fetish for music and appreciation of words, he likes to devour literature and poetry which present originality of thought. Having completed his high school in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, he resides in Bhopal now, where he indulges himself in innovative processes; be it music or literature. Brought up in an atmosphere surrounded by books, words and plots form a certain part of his personality as his father himself is a professor of English literature. While he is an observer and a feeler, his mother’s cancer treatment and some of the hardships in his early life have given words to several narratives in his novel. Also, his poetry has won hearts of his friends and remained a school-folklore for a time. Simplicity is his way and coffee his best companion as he pours words on paper. You can reach the author here: Facebook - Instagram - @arpitsharmawriting Email -"