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By Rahul Apte

“Just when Lieutenant Jamshed Hyatt Khan, lovingly called Jimmy, begins to feel that he can leave his tormented past behind and acquire some semblance of normalcy; a demonic machination of fate throws his life into irrevocable chaos. The heinous terror attack of 26/11 bereaves him of the love of his life and his family.

Reeling with a grave sense of loss and helplessness, the enraged soldier vents his anger on a terrorist sympathizer in Kashmir, where he is posted. The extra judicial killing turns him into a pariah in the eyes of the Indian Army and a golden catch for the RAW; the Indian intelligence agency, which in the wake of 26/11, has received a secret mandate straight from the top.

Devoid of reasons to live and stranded both personally and professionally, Jimmy is convinced by the RAW to undertake a covert surgical strike deep inside Pakistan. Initially annoyed at his systematic trapping, he gradually realizes that after four wars and decades of failed diplomacy, for Indians like him, a covert mission is the only way to secure justice.

Thus, Lieutenant Jamshed Hyatt Khan dies and a coldblooded, lethal assassin is born, one who is driven only by revenge and has nothing to lose.

Will he succeed in his mission and secure justice for his nation as well as for himself?

Meandering like a spy thriller, with its fair share of realistic twists and turns; ‘The Talion Tale’ is a cry for justice. It is also a tale of love, loss and the vengeance that is born out of it.”

Fresh cover -The_Talion tale -5.5x8.5-6-10-2016
Rahul Apte
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"Geo political conflicts of present day trace their roots deep into the history of mankind, and history, as they say, is always written by the Victor. It is Rahul’s fervent desire to present to his readers, the voice of the vanquished as well. He is thankful to the Almighty for bestowing him with a strong sense of justice and it is to this trait that he owes his almost visceral desire to take his readers into a utopian world where the poor, the vanquished and the marginalized are heard. It is this wish that turns him; an engineer by qualification and a banker by profession, into a dreamer. (Rahul passed out of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in 2006 and later obtained his MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad in 2010. He lives in Mumbai where he works as a Project Finance professional for a prominent conglomerate.) Every now and then, the dreamer steals him away from the rigors of a full time corporate banking career and the incessant demands that life in Mumbai places on its denizens. The dreamer recedes into a shell, mesmerized by the chimera of a just world. As Edmund Burke once famously said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Rahul wishes to create, at least in the minds of his readers, an ideal world, where good men stand up to evil. It is a world where Indians can live without the fear of terror, a world where Tibetans can preserve their independence and cultural heritage, a world where the Sri-Lankan Tamils can live without persecution, a world where the Palestinians get what is rightfully theirs but also a world where Israel can exist peacefully. "