Fresh -cover -The man in the trench coat

The Man in the Trench Coat

By Ashutosh Dixit

“India. The world’s largest democracy. A cesspool of corruption and apathy. The people helpless, the media ineffective, the government indifferent and the crusaders forlorn. But all that was about to change…
In 2014, just before India’s massive general elections, a Member of Parliament accused of being involved in multiple scams is shot right outside his residence. ACP Rajeev Shekhar, an honest, upright cop with a tragic past and ACP Digvijay Raut, a veteran legend of the Delhi Police are tasked with investigating the murder. However, more such corrupt officials begin to die throughout the country, expertly assassinated by a mysterious vigilante they call ‘the Man in the Trench Coat’. As the political pressure mounts, the CBI steps in to work with the Delhi cops. The vigilante, aided by the shadowy man known only as Control, steps up his game.
As the situation escalates, the investigating lawmen find themselves embroiled in a web of scheming and deceit. Nothing- and no one- is what they seem to be…
Who is the Man in the Trench Coat? Why does he do what he does? Who is the master manipulator called Control? And above all, can they succeed in their mission to free India from corruption?
Inspired by the notion of vigilantism in popular culture, The Man in the Trench Coat is a story about the fight against corruption in India.”

Fresh -cover -The man in the trench coat
Ashutosh Dixit
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"Ashutosh Dixit is a 22-year old engineering student hailing from Pune, the ‘City of the Peshwas’. Having travelled extensively within India and abroad since the age of four, he developed a passion for reading and writing fiction and poetry since early childhood. A state-level Silver Medalist in Taekwondo and Skating, Ashutosh is also a fervent foodie, sketch artist, history enthusiast, rock music aficionado and a devoted Manchester United follower. His short story, What Men Do was recently selected for publishing in an anthology titled Men. Currently, Ashutosh is working on an epic fantasy series, as well as another thriller, and hopes to write a diverse range of fiction and poetry for years to come. You can follow Ashutosh on Facebook or contact him at:"