The Joyous Stage


“The emblem of the book is about dreams, dreams, dreams.
The dreamer has a royal relation with the lord and sometimes, they schmooze.

The dreamer is conditioned to go stage after stage, to a stage, burgeoning his dreams on the Joyous stage
The dreamer is emotionally beaten, by his exploiting mother, and jaundice-like father, and carnivores friends, but do not be pity-charged on the dreamer, he’s intact.

Thus, what are the stages, the dreamer has to go over, to a stage and at the culmination of the stages, the Burgeon will sweeten or rotten his dreams?”

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Myself A’lobey, I am twenty-three years old and I am from India Bangalore. I have done till my schooling, and I have and been working in various low jobs except for my dreams, to get here. There’s nothing I have about me much to tell, but you will know me better through this book. Thank you.