Fresh cover-Who Am i to her Option 2c-4.5x7

Who am I to her? – The Personal diary

By Pradeep Rai

“Once upon a time Siddharth and Nitya were schoolmates.

Siddharth wanted a relationship. Nitya didn’t.

They met again after five years. Both agreed to be in a relationship.

Siddharth wanted the relationship to continue. Nitya didn’t.

She became his ex-girlfriend.

“WHO AM I TO HER?” wondered Siddharth.”

Fresh cover-Who Am i to her Option 2c-4.5x7
Pradeep Rai
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Pradeep Rai is a Design Engineer by profession. Who am I to her? is his debut novel. He spent his childhood in Rajahmundry, a city in coastal Andhra Pradesh, and is currently living in Hyderabad. He has graduated from Koneru Lakshmaiah University and is presently employed with Cyient Ltd. Pradeep loves playing Table Tennis during his free time and has a huge passion for watching movies. For knowing more about Pradeep, visit his website can also contact him by email at