The Committed Sin

By Leema Dhar
#Test 1: Carry the bowl of love and pour a drop of the venom of distrust. Does it survive?
Test 2: Best friends forever, really? Put her in a cobweb of mysteries and see if she bleeds with a smile.
Test 3: It’s simple. There are no rules in the game except to commit SINS. But you’ll be served death for dinner.
Are you still ready to play the sinful game?
She’s an agnostic. She survives on my own terms in a metropolitan city. She sees around. She sees the puddle of human abhorrence everywhere. She’s knocking at the door of answers that her mom refuses to open. She loves a guy who plays with heart beats. She has a best friend who rules death. Her dad rules the island of enigma. And then there’s a man who binds them all in a single thread- the thread of the game. The rule is pretty simple. They need to commit sins, one after the other.
Take revenge, be sinful, break the rules, forget the morals of relationships but if they try to escape…they’ll be thrown…in the land of the unknown from where none can return.
So shall we begin the game?
The Committed Sin is a STAND-ALONE romance that you cannot afford to miss. This time Metro Kolkata has an untold story which vehemently explores the sphinx of mortal relationships. Experience the journey of nightmares like never before. The bestselling novelist of Till We Meet Again and You Touched My Heart Leema Dhar weaves love, revenge, hatred, mystery and despair–all in a single thread.
Leema Dhar
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At the age of just 22, she has skillfully written SEVEN BOOKS, including FIVE NOVELS. All India Radio and popular Indian youth magazine Youth Action conferred on her the title of the ‘Youth Icon’. Honoured in the 28th International Conference of the authors from India and Canada (2015) she became the News Maker of 2012 and 2015. The recipient of ‘Women Achiever Award’ and bestselling author of Till We Meet Again, The Girl Who Kissed The Snake, and You Touched My Heart Leema Dhar, is currently pursuing her Final Year Post-Graduation in English Literature.