Fresh -cover-Poignant Love Option 3c-13-5-2016


By Pooja Srivastava

Avisha and Gautam find their ways crossing each other in the most bizarre way. They find each other irresistible but there is something stopping them from coming closer to each other. In the meantime Gautam finds out a shocking revelation about his family. Will their relationship survive the storm?

Fresh -cover-Poignant Love Option 3c-13-5-2016
Pooja Srivastava
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Born in the religious city of Bhubaneswar, and then brought up in Allahabad, Pooja completed her Engineering in 2011 from Delhi. Henceforth, she went to Mysore to complete her training in one of the leading MNCs of India after being campus placed. Writing and photography as her first passion, love for them always stayed in the corner of her heart. Thus, she quit her job in 2013 and took on photography full-time. She is currently working as a photographer and writer. She has written two more titles that she is looking forward to bring forth in the future.