Love – bites!

By Anirbhan Mukherjee

Love- Bites! Is an enthralling anecdote of an enticing love story. The saga of Rishav’s experieances, which oozes from the deepest emotions insides, his heart and transforms into a stream of passion as graceful as the mountain brook. In course, it streams through the vales of a rocking campus life and enroute, gets nurtured by the rivulets of unconditional friendships. His juvenile sensations unite with that of Ria’s, as she comes into his life and their unification matures into an elegant river running through the green and blue pastures of life. Rishav and Ria’s love story sprawls across various locations in India and the United states. Love can often lead to the state of deja vu. Love indeed can be as delightful as the sight of the fleet of the butterfly  amidst a riot of colours but when doomed, it can be heart ripping, as painful as the venomous sting of a bee. The lunation of Ria and Rishav’s blissful passion gets eclipsed after one of them becomes a victim of an incident which made the entire world shudder. What exactly happened to them? Did they ever reunite or did they remain confined into the dark forever?

Anirbhan Mukherjee
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Anirban Mukherjee, 32, a mechanical engineer and statistician, works for a transnational IT giant as the head of Process Optimization and Decision Sciences Center of Excellence. He is fascinated with globetrotting, reading, writing poetry, composing music and playing cricket. He takes keen interest in exploring people's psyche and searches for the true meanings of relationships. Romance, history, mythology, adventure and travelogue are his areas of literary interest. Love-Bites! is his debut novel, where he tries to sketch a complete portrait of love using the colours of attraction; disconcert; isolation and union. Anirban resides in Chennai, India, along with his wife Amrita and kids Aryan and Aayush.