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Another Love Story

By Arjun Premkumar

The hardest day in an Engineering student’s life is not the day he gets his result. It’s the day he gets judged – Placement Day. Everything he has learnt and ignored throughout his four years of being in college comes back one final time to haunt him.

But what if he had bigger problems that were linked to it?

What if the same thing that helped him get to where he was, was keeping him from getting to where he wanted to go?

Long story short, he fell in love.

Fresh cover-Another Love Story Option2c-5x8
Arjun Premkumar
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After writing his first poem at the age of 14, the author has had a wonderful journey. He began with pieces of writing pertaining just to love and later ventured into other genres. With a flair for entertaining people, he moved into speaking and the response was just as strong as it was for his writing. He is an engineer by qualification and dreams of becoming a writer by profession. He also has this weird affinity to the number three, being born on the third day of the month. Somewhere between his tenth short story and his thirtieth poem, he had this sudden urge to write something bigger. So, he began writing. With all his experience with relationships and heart-breaks, he turned to writing Another Love Story.