Little Setu And The Forbidden Forest Of Ula

By Jui Andhare

Setu and Anila stopped just short of the first forest, Sukaan – which was the only way to the dark woods of Ula. Anila’s legs trembled as they stood there looking at the enormity of the dark woods. “If this is Sukaan, how frightening will Ula be? She wondered. As they made their way slowly through the thickets in the dead of the night, Setu and Anila could not help but be overwhelmed by the majestic Silver Oaks, the coolness of the swaying fronds, and the swoosh of the tall shrubs that seemed to warn the trespassers of the impending danger they were getting closer to.. Innocent and soul-stirring, Little Setu’s story travels from the lush green, open meadows of Sundernagari in the Anadaman & Nicobar islands, to the sinister creepiness of the Ula forest, where Setu and his friend Anila, encounter a series of adventures with the species of the forest and the tribal folk of the hidden realm of Shompen. Jui Andhare’s enchanting story captivates the imagination while sending out a strong message about the conservation of our forests and wildlife. Little Setu And The Forbidden Forest Of Ula, transports children and adults alike into a world without boundaries, where every living thing is kin.

Jui Andhare
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Jui Andhare is a media professional who has worked with several media houses, handling portfolios ranging from production to management. Although caught within the endless demands of the corporate jungle, she returns home to find solace in the one thing that has been an integral and most interesting part of her growing-up years – stories. Jui grew up reading story books such as the Read it yourself series, Russian folk tales, Greek folk tales, TinTin, Enid Blyton, and Richard Scarry’s pictorial books, amongst many others. Her childhood memories of these wonderful story books inspired her to write for little children, so new generations of little people could share her experiences of the fascinating world of stories and the difference this can make to their lives now and in the years to come.