Fresh cover Weaving The Waves 13-9-11-2016

Weaving The Waves

By Som Prokash Das

Kabir , a son of a businessman, wants to create a new concept of “neo-patriotism”. He knows how to stand between life and death. In numerous occasions he fights with death. But how long death will allow him to play with his own life?

Rubina wants to uphold the flag of the female Muslim poets. In the World of literature, Muslim female poets are considered to be a minority. She tries to unearth the real causes of it. Due to her endeavor, she faces imperious dogmatism of her community. The novel will provide the real picture of her struggle and the attainment of her goal.

Prasant is a middle class government employee. He always fails to meet the needs of his family. But his rare power to see the flashes of future makes him unique. He often finds clue from those flashes and tries to make the future more secured. One day in a flash he witnesses a scene of devastation. He doesn’t know how to prevent it.

Three of them live in Kolkata. But they don’t know each other. Ultimately they meet in Gujrat. Which changed their lives completely.

Fresh cover Weaving The Waves 13-9-11-2016
Som Prokash Das
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SOM PROKASH DAS is an Arts graduate, who worked in the IT industry for a while before leaving his job to pursue his call as a writer. Apart from writing novels in English and Bengali, he also composes poems, songs and short stories in English, Bengali and Hindi. Apart from writing, Som Prokash is passionate about music.