Without A Goodbye

By Swati Kumari

“27th October was like a normal weekend. Danica was in Patna with her uncle’s family. Before going for her competitive exam, she had called up her mother (Aarti) who lived in Fatehpur in a joint family. They had a regular conversation and ended the call. Aarti said that she would call Danica after her exam, in the evening.

In the evening Danica called her mom, but both her mobiles were switched off.

She called her aunt and was informed that Aarti had been missing since afternoon.

What happened to her? How can the thread that unites a family completely break with this sudden incident?

Does ending one’s life really end the problems?
Is giving up, the only solution to the problem?

A daughter and a mother. This is story of a life. You choose to live or to die.”

Swati Kumari
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"Swati Kumari was born and brought up in Kanpur, lived in different cities across the country and presently lives in Patna with her family. She completed her MBA from the National School of Business- Bengaluru and International Management from ESC Pau- France. She left her corporate life to live her childhood dream of being an author with her debut novel, Without a Goodbye. Swati loves music and dancing to its beat. She is crazy about travelling, exploring new places and experiencing the diversity all over the world."