By Kavita Bhupta Ghosh

“When indiscipline at Roderick International School, Mussoorie, becomes an alarming issue for members of the Board, educators and parents alike, CEO Jacob Roderick decided to bring in an experimental teacher, Roma Mathur against the wishes of the Board of Directors to curb the growing aggression, hostility and vandalism.

Will someone like Roma Mathur, written off by her teachers as a ‘Moron’ and ‘Good for nothing’, be able to inspire learning in students who loath studying and sitting in classrooms? Will this maverick academic, who had been extremely mischievous as a student herself, be able to instill values and discipline in her students? Is there any place for someone as unconventional as Roma Mathur among the esteemed and sophisticated faculty at the prestigious International School? Has Jacob Roderick made a grave mistake in recruiting someone who plays drums, watches Tom and Jerry beat up Goons in the pub, and rides a sports bike, over the gold medalist, experienced teachers who had applied? What was it the school needed at this desperate hour?

It is time for the students of RIS to take a call on what kind of teachers they need in their classrooms.

Kavita Bhupta Ghosh
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"“My First Teachers were my parents, who guided my first steps and words. My Second Teacher was Loreto Day School, where I had my first formal lessons. My Third Teacher was Loreto Middleton Row College, which provided me with an umbrella for the recurring monsoons of life. My Fourth Teacher was the enchanting “City of Joy”, where I grew up. It outfitted me with the lessons of life, including those contained in the works of Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray. I learnt to emerge in one piece from crowded buses, trams and the Metro, which taught me there is a place for everyone, no matter how congested the opportunities. My Fifth Teachers were my siblings, whom I attempted to teach from the age of eleven and who gave me my first proletarian teacher’s training. My Sixth Teacher was my first job, with the Taj Group of Hotels as Graduate Trainee for Hotel Operations. It embellished my poise and personality. My subsequent marriage, my Seventh Teacher, taught me to bridge illusion with realism. My Eighth Teacher, my daughter, taught me to reprocess the elemental terminologies of parenting. My Ninth Teacher was certainly my experience as a teacher in six schools in various parts of India. It taught me that wonderful things in life come in small portions. Finally, my students have been my Ultimate Teachers. They taught me tolerance, endurance, humility and the joy of unconditional loving.” Kavita Ghosh currently works as an English teacher and German Pasch Project Coordinator with Delhi Public School, Bangalore South. She also writes the widely appreciated blog kavitalistens.wordpress.com and can be reached at kavitalistens@gmail.com. "