The Trial of 2091

By Sarang Gupta

In the year 2091. In a world that is happy and peaceful, and where you can NEVER get away with a crime. A Murder is going to change everything. Now, an officer will turn the world upside down to find the truth, a killer will stop at nothing to get his revenge, a genius will do everything to protect his legacy, and a father will return to fight the only Trial of its kind!  ‘Do you have a natural twin?’‘No. I was a single child.’‘Do you have a clone, legitimate or otherwise?’ ‘I have never attempted to get myself cloned.’ ‘Are you aware of neural implants?’‘Yes.’‘Have you been implanted?’ ‘No.’  Welcome to the Trial of 2091.

Sarang Gupta
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Sarang resides in Gurgaon, India. He works for a German MNC, doing innovation workshops with big Indian companies. He enjoys thinking about the future and plans to write many stories based on its possibilities. This his is debut novel. You can reach him at sarang@TheTrialof2091.com