The Tangled Knot

By C Venkat Krishna and Dr K Babu Rao

““The Tangled Knot” is a story that spans but just half a decade, in the vibrant journey of Aslesha and Arun, straddling their eventful life in New York City, and New Delhi, mirroring the aspirations of millions of young working professionals.

It is a short saga of how a bagful of virtues is rendered ineffective by a lone inadequacy, and how a chastening experience transmutes their lives and rekindles the warmth.

It is the story of how an intelligent, value-based, and elegant Aslesha could not live with the mindless neglect of her workaholic husband, Arun.

It is neither a love story nor a story of love. It is just their life story. Perhaps, it could be yours.

C Venkat Krishna and Dr K Babu Rao
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"C Venkat Krishna Possessing a marvellous quill, CVK makes prose as mellifluous as a poem. A known author of ‘In Quest of the Palm’ and ‘Soaring High’, an extraordinary biography of CVR, which caught the imagination of the young and the old alike. His stable includes ‘In Other Words - an Anti-dictionary Wordbook’ that tells the stories about certain elite words, and ‘Pronunciation’ – a book on 500 most commonly-used words. Dr K Babu Rao A versatile scholar, Prof. KBR was with Andhra University, teaching such disparate subjects as Physics and Computer Sciences, and is now Director in a software company. A self-taught scholar in Sanskrit, Telugu, and English, this is the maiden fictional work from this man of letters. He is the inspiration for this book to happen as well. "