The Destiny

By Pramod Deogirikar

Story of an Indian army officer who is torn between divergent expectations from people surrounding him and his own limited capabilities. Comparision with his predecessor and deceit by a confidant further complicate the situation. A modern Abhimanyu in a Chakravyuh!

“I have seen Pramod transforming over the years from a young, fumbling officer to a creative, responsible writer. What I admire more than his creativity is his genuine desire to share with others through his writing. I feel he has done a very good job in this regard and ‘The Destiny’ deserves to be read by every army person.”


                                                                                                                   -Lt. Gen. (Veteran) M. G. Datar, VSM



“Leadership in uniform is complex. To prepare impressive paper presentation and war games is one thing while to lead the men successfully in battle is another. This requires personal example by the commander, and complete trust in subordinates. These lessons are very interestingly brought out by the author.”

                                                                                                     -Air Marshal Jayant Apte (Retd.),PVSM AVSM

Pramod Deogirikar
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Pramod has put on a number of hats in his 63 years. An engineer, army officer, manager, CEO, teacher and now he wishes to be a full-time writer! His objective in his words: “having discovered, to improve the writer within and to honestly contribute back to the society which has given me so much”. He has been a rebel, having taken “out of the box” syndrome to obsession. Amongst the firsts in the family to get an engineering degree (1972), to join army, in army to get selected for post-gradua¬tion at IIT, amongst very few to opt for Antarctica expedition for 16 months and to opt for premature retirement despite a flourishing army career, and completing his Ph. D. in Advertising Manage¬ment are just a few of his “breaking-the-mould” endeavours. He has already tested the literary waters through his book on the subject he loves– personality development – “Putting Your Best Foot Forward”, published by Visa publications in 2009. His current work, The Destiny, is based on a true story while he was in the army.