The Children of the lesser MBA

By Mohammed Iftikhar Alam

‘The book is a satirical comedy on the state of India’s higher education. The protagonist is forced into the MBA thing by a seemingly intelligent folk of his village. He comes to the city, and joins the maddening crowd of second string MBAs. What follows is exploitation, humiliation, and frustration, all during the normal course of events. He is ragged, bullied, tempted, befriended, coerced, loved, rejected; experiences almost everything. During those two years of studentship, the lad discovers the crumbling state of India’s higher education. Teaching is a travesty; Summer Training, a circus; placement turns out to be a farce. The Big MBA Dream – a nice office, luxury car, sprawling bungalow, and a personal secretary – is shattered. The Children of the lesser MBA are left to fend for themselves.’

Mohammed Iftikhar Alam
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Mohammed Iftikhar Alam is an Associate Professor at International Institute for Special Education (IISE), a premier Lucknow-based Management Institute that over the years has become synonymous with quality Management education. An outstanding orator, he has delivered hundreds of presentations across schools and technical institutions. With already three technical books to his credit, this is his debut novel. This work is his sincere effort to expose comically the corrupt and rotten higher education system of the country.