Split Second

By A B Chakravorty

‘Perfection is an illusion-an illusion of those imperfect eyes playing servant to an even more imperfect mind.’ Stuck in the tenterhooks of uncertainty, an emerging ad-man tries to use all the logic to figure what’s happening to him. He believes that he’s caused the death of his favourite movie actress in one of the two lives that he claims to be living. And watching all of this happen are a bunch of people from two schools of thought-Physics and Psychiatry. Set in the busy streets, rented flats and packed pubs of Bangalore and Mumbai, here’s a thriller that’s punctuated with unprecedented happenings, thoughtful words and intertwined twists- an exhibition of how things change in a split second.

A B Chakravorty
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A B Chakravorty is an author who prefers to be hailed by his nickname ‘ABC’, that is the short form of his name. By the night, he works for an American IT company, as a Client Service Manager. During the day, he writes for a couple of hours. And on weekends, he jams with random musicians to create melodies and record vocals for his collab project ‘The M Theory’. In his free time he also writes lyrics for independent bands. He lives with his mom in his favourite city, Bangalore. A cricket fan, he has an algorithm in place that he believes can replace the Duckworth-Lewis Method for rain-effected matches. He loves cold coffee in the evenings and can eat chicken anytime any day. You can catch up with him at fb.com/ananyabratac or fb.com/ splitsecondnovel.