Six Inches Are Enough On Heels, Not In Bed!!!

By Mehak Budhrani

After her first ever heartbreak, Mia decides to analyze relationships and mend broken ones. Whenever her friends Kimaya, Mrinal, Neha and Uday have problems, she is the first one they call to discuss their problems. Even though she has never had the perfect relationship, she decides not to give up on love. But at an age where hormones are running high and emotions on a low, lust takes over love. From issues such as not having a place to make out and under-sized vibrators, Mia finds that couples are getting even more complicated in the new age Indian society.Even though Mia finds Viren, a close to perfect guy, he gets addicted to gambling and loses interest in her. Mia finds herself without love all over again. All her best friends move on and are entering the phase of marriage except for her. She is still 26, single and lonely.

Mehak Budhrani
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Mehak Budhrani graduated in law from Pune’s ILS Law College in 2010 and is a practicing advocate. She is a part-time relationship counsellor and has come across instances which she wants to share not only with women but also with men. She loves writing. She writes poetry, articles and short stories. She wrote her first poem at the age of 13. Six Inches Are Enough On Heels…Not In Bed!!! is Mehak’s first fictional novel about relationships, love and lust. She has previously written articles on social issues which are published on websites such as www.viewspaper.net and www.chakranews.com. The first book that she read was Just As Long As We Are Together by Judy Blume at the age of 13 and since then she fell in love with novels. She is happily married and lives in Pune.