She’s One of Those

By Shashank Kumar

“Ashutosh is a great student never known to lose a battle in life. He quits engineering to pursue his dreams of becoming a blues phenomenon. Ruhi, his Delhi love, hates his move but shifts to Bangalore just for his sake. But, she never moves in. Instead, Juhi, her elder sister of a law student, with her nearly settled life and a fiancé, patronises her in. Ashutosh needs a new house where loud guitars are barely an issue. Also somewhere, he can cast aside the ghosts of his ex-girlfriend, Nadia. Mehek, Juhi’s colleague needs that house too. They end up sharing it. But Mehek never tells him of how she knows his girls all too well and neither do the sisters know about how she could be a blessing in disguise for the hapless guitarist. One bad move and Ruhi might end up in the lap of her family-approved, ISI marked, calvousdial tone of a dentist who moved for a job to Bangalore too. Juhi hates the dentist, but hates Ashutosh even more. Will Ruhi ever give Ashutosh the support he deserves in his tough journey or just play her wicked games all over again?”

Shashank Kumar
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After circumventing the sphere of fine arts, in the spirit of altruism, the twenty-five year old Shashank has reached a point, where his expressions are with held only by inadequate mediums. Music gave him the flow; literature gave him a puritanical voice and the spirit of being ethical in a world, exceedingly critical of constancy. His conclusions, although apparently subjective, are the keynotes of his own personality. Hence, defining a character in and out of an abstract is something that motivates him to write. He says that he is in no way a genre-hooked, romantic fiction novelist, rather, a stark enthusiast of human nature. He believes in a vision and his work helps make it visible. For as fast as times are today, he feels we always need new perspectives.