School To College

By Piyush Rajgarhia

School to College is about the journey of a middle class boy who failed miserably in his senior secondary results and faced other problems at the same time breaking him up completely. His answer to these problems and how he motivated himself to come above all obstructions and achieved the impossible.

Piyush Rajgarhia
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Piyush is a Chartered Accountant, who works in the Corporate Finance department of a prestigious group in Mumbai. Although, he has a finance mind that plays with numbers, he has put in plenty of thought and hard work to write this book, and make it meaningful and enjoyable at the same time. This is his first literary work, but he has tried his best to make a good first impression and make it a good read. He plans to do more in this field due to his interest and he looks forward to write some more fiction stories for entertaining and motivating people.