Purpose of Love

By Sanjiv Nair

LUST TRIGGERED BY INFATUATION – EXPOSE THE ALLURING AMBIGUITIES – DISGUISED IN THE GARB OF LOVE, from a life of turmoil….to a life of dignity, Mugdha becomes a victim of incest. Before her own humiliating ordeal, she witnesses her mother getting a brutal treatment at the hands of her cruel father Sohan Lal, and later succumbs to her grave injuries. Marie, her childhood governess gives refuge to the traumatized girl at her house, but misfortune follows Mugdha everywhere; Staniel, Marie’s wayward son molests her, and attempts to rape her but ends up raping his own sister Annie. Ultimately, Marie takes Mugdha to her maternal uncle’s home in Chawri Bazaar in Old Delhi where she settles down for a substantial life and career as an IPS officer. Mugdha develops a strong distaste for passion, meets Vivek in college, and reforms the reckless son of a politician. She unleashes her revolutionary tirade against the perpetrators of lust in retaliation and impregnates their network. She exposes the porn video films racket that preyed upon innocent girls, victimized, and blackmailed them into meek submission. She allowed nothing to turn her aside from her true purpose – to remove lust from love distilled by high moral character and values…..

Sanjiv Nair
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Sanjiv Nair: born in Bangalore; brought up and educated in Delhi. He works as a freelance journalist/writer and has distinguished himself as a renowned art critic and has made significant contributions to English dailies: The Pioneer, Hindustan Times, Evening News, The Statesman, India Perspectives (published by Ministry of External Affairs), and Veer Arjun (Hindi). His critical reviews on art that appeared in The Pioneer and Veer Arjun struck a distinct chord with the art fraternity due to its high quality writing, literary and research content and critical analysis. He also brought out his own bi-monthly tabloid Art Explorer (as founder/editor) on Art & Culture. He single-handedly wrote the entire content of the tabloid that became an instant hit for quality criticism. Regularly contributing short stories to Eternal Voice, a quarterly magazine of universal brotherhood, which is a Kalgidhar Trust Publication. He is currently working on a couple of unique poetic collections, novels, besides a collection of 25psychoanalytical short stories under the title ‘Face of Guilt & Other Stories’ that absorbs an extraordinary sense of wit and wisdom through the display of emotions. Blessed with amazing versatility, he combines in him different qualities as a journalist, writer, poet, playwright, graphic artist, and psychotherapist. He also practices alternative medicine and is a good homeopath too, and above all a true humanitarian.