Monsters in Heaven

By Fahad Ansari

A college student, Rehan, learns that his father Mr Shirke is corrupt since his wife Rehana is suffering from cancer and that to cure her, he requires a huge amount of money. Affected by the hardships of his family, Rehan tries to find out why in India, despite being an independent democratic country, there is an intangible sense of partiality between the powerful and the people in common. Possessing the right to elect the government, why do we always fail to make the right decision, why do the candidates whom we elect and bring to power, betray us. In seek to the answer, on a Prize Distribution Day, he, on having won the State Level English Elocution, asks the Mayor of Mumbai, who is felicitating the winners, “Why should we vote?” Jazlyn is his girlfriend whom he has to sacrifice for another guy, Jack, who is educated and well settled in London unlike him who is poor and unsettled.

Fahad Ansari
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Fahad Ansari, an IT Graduate and an enthusiastic person, has, in the tenure of his student life, been the recipient of several awards in the fields of arts and creativity. Known for his impressive speaking, talent, he had the advantage of being a part of various debates, elocutions, commentaries, assemblies and gatherings at the State and University level. Despite being a technical student, he always aspired to be a writer and MONSTERS IN HEAVEN, is his first novel. To know more about the author please visit www.fahadansari.com. You can email him at fahadauthor@gmail.com