Monsoon Masala

By Sulagna Chaudhury

“Siddharth Chatterjee – Mr Playboy…high flying career, parties, hot girls and loads of booze. Life can’t get better than this or can it? Akanksha Dutta – Miss Perfectionist, who has fought against all odds and emerged as a winner, who detests the word “relationship” and wants to live life on her own terms only. Welcome to Monsoon Masala, the whacky love story about the madness and magic in the lives of two individuals, Akanksha and Siddharth. Multiple times they meet, they ditch and they separate. And then, on 8th June 2004, Venus is in transit for the first time since 1882. Astrologers predict that this “celestial once in a lifetime” event will lead to the making of some great love stories. Does it mean something “surreal” for these 2 strong individuals as well?”

Sulagna Chaudhury
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"With over 15 years of experience, Sulagna Chaudhury at present works with a reputed MNC as a Client Services & Sales professional. She is the owner of a contemporary dance group “Jhankar Beatz” and in her free time doubles as a MC doing corporate as well as public shows. Hers is a multi-faceted career that also encompasses stints as a lecturer and a banker while living her “radio” passion and ruling as a popular RJ across cities and radio stations for more than a decade. She is an active blogger who loves penning her thoughts on diverse topics and proudly lives her mantra of “Life is all about moments ... it is you who decides to make it large.” She currently resides in Bangalore, India, with her husband and her 5 year old daughter."