Mindful But Absent

By Vikas Gupta

“This is a story about relationships within a family unit and close friends
for a happy & enriching life

It traces fictional journeys of a few friends from IIM Ahmedabad over
the course of 25 years

Set against the backdrop of multiple bottom-line or impact investments, it highlights inherent conflicts of success in the intensely competitive lives of these MBAs.

The story amalgamates rustic India and contemporary global with
its wry humor and its take on the startup ecosystem which most professionals may relate to.”

Vikas Gupta
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"Vikas is an alum of IIM Ahmedabad, currently CEO of a group of companies employing 10K people. He had incubated a low-cost housing business while at a private equity fund. The concept was based upon mass production but low customization techniques that bring high quality housing for the lower income section of society tantalizingly within reach. He had, prior to that, spent close to two decades in the industry. Some of his notable assignments were President of Kohler India, CEO of Lacoste India, CEO of Arcus, and Country Manager for Adams confectionary business at Warner-Lambert. He started his career at Colgate Palmolive."