Law of Jiluk

By Inba Vignesh

Remember? How a few bucks made an extra bite SPECIAL?  It was not about winning then, it was about FUN.  Playing was not time-pass or exercise, it was EVERYTHING. Books gave us not just lessons, they taught us THOUGHTS. It was then, excitement was not bought, it just HAPPENED. A simple bikini cutting was enough to get lost in the world of fantasy. We might have been afraid of things, but we never were afraid of dreaming BIG. AND FIRST LOVE… What the world called puppy love and what we thought was TRUE LOVE. In the era of instant hook-ups and breakups, traversing down memory lane, experience Law of Jiluk in the backdrop of the lush-green Nilgiris through a cherished read, embellished by a torrent of words, cascading expressions, enchanting analogies, harmonious lingo, astounding thoughts and above all the profound feel of a fourteen year old who narrates his tale of love which became a saga. By the by what is Jiluk?  Let the quest begin…

Inba Vignesh
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The author neither has a big brand of IIM or IIT backing him nor is he a well-known personality with credible achievements in film, theatre, music, sports, culture, and bureaucracy or in corporate India. He never has visited a foreign land nor does he have an overseas work experience of any kind. His blog has never been ranked among the top 100 blogs in the country owing to the simple fact that he doesn’t blog. And one important thing, his earlier novels were not blockbuster hits or runaway bestsellers as this one happens to be his debut novel. His work has never been published in the past by any leading publisher (including the imprints) or has been represented by any agent before. He doesn’t work with a national newspaper or a leading national magazine or lifestyle magazine as a full-time employee or as a regular features contributor one or the other. He neither has won any literary award nor holds some kind of PhD in creative writing either. He is just a small town boy with a very big dream of becoming a storyteller someday.