Knowledge Survives

By Sooraj

“Knowledge Survives,” is a touching story of Rakesh Awasthi, a poor boy from Allahabad, who reluctantly agrees to appear for the IIT entrance exam to please his father.  Successfully clearing the entrance exam, he moves to IIT Mumbai. Touched by the plight of under privileged kids, he does everything within his power, and through various ingenious ideas raises funds and schemes to help thousands of kids to pursue their education. At IIT Mumbai, he falls in love with Sapana Joshi, a Maharashtrian girl. Both families oppose the relationship for their own reasons, but after plenty of cajoling, and convincing their parents, Sapana and Rakesh get married.  But within weeks of their marriage, things take a dramatic twist and Rakesh is wrongfully imprisoned for life.  At the first opportunity, Sapana’s father takes her home and forces her to re-marry a boy of his choice. What follows is a life of struggle, emotion and twists. Will Rakesh and Sapana ever meet? Will love be able to overcome all the ugliness of life? Does knowledge survive… and where does it take them?

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Sooraj is an engineering graduate; he is one of the India’s most renowned teachers. He teaches Mathematics to IIT aspirants, and more than 1000 of his students have got through in IIT. He has taught in one of the best institutes of Kota and Mumbai. He also has been writing articles in leading mathematics magazines ‘Mathematics Today’ and ‘JSR’. Now, he is devoted to the mission of helping organizations, who help underprivileged kids for their education. Sooraj lives in the suburbs of Mumbai, with his wife Nicky, son Vivaan and his family.