Kanhu & Other Stories

By Saroj Mishra

“This book contains eleven short stories in Odiya translated into English. The original authors are all well-known writers, some of them winners of the Kendriya Sahitya Akademi awards and others honoured with several state-level awards.

The stories in this anthology reflect the rich and divergent cultural heritage of Odisha and the current thinking in Odiya society – varying from focus on the plight of the underprivileged to the struggles of different sections of society in dealing with moral dilemmas.

The stories have been selected carefully to promote the Odiya language, with its colourful idiom, the heritage and the social ambience of Odisha, to a wider audience so that the readers can learn about its rich literature and the glorious history of Odisha.

Saroj Mishra
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I took up this exercise of translating into English short stories written by popular authors in Odiya, so as to bring them to a wider sphere, where it could be read by those who love stories. These stories depict the lifestyle and culture of people native to the great state of Odisha. I hope this will be appreciated by readers. This book is dedicated to my mother, Smt. Urbashi Mishra, who taught me moral values and love of humanity.