It’s All in Your Mind

By Prithwis Datta

A book about crime and detection in the Maximum City. Detective Inspector Shekhar Sadwal (known as SS in the force) of the Crime Branch, Mumbai Police is the protagonist. He leads us through step by painstaking step on his inexorable quest for justice. Policemen such as SS bring back some faith in the rule of law in an otherwise age of all pervading cynicism.

Prithwis Datta
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Prithwis Datta (63) was a banker for most of his working life. He now serves at a charitable hospital in Mumbai. He lives with his wife, Reeti in a suburb of Mumbai. They are regulars in the Mumbai amateur theatre circuit and literary and music festivals. Their daughter lives with her family in the United States where she teaches school. Prithwis is well known to Mumbai Police for many unfortunate differences of opinion on the interpretation of traffic rules and parking possibilities. Nevertheless, this book is about those plucky men and women in khaki, and their efforts to bring some order in the seeming chaos of this great metropolis.