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It’s all about How You Feel!

By Ramesh Sattennapalli

“Rahul; a young and dynamic manager for an ad film making company, is suddenly picked up by the police for an interrogation of his best friend; Arjun’s death. Unable to comprehend the situation, Rahul could not understand or say anything, as he is taken to Arjun’s suicide spot. What shocks him most, is the fact that Arjun has left a clue which clearly states that Rahul is the reason for his death. During the journey to suicide spot, Rahul explains to Jessie; his PA, about his last four years. How he met Arjun; his best friend once upon a time, and how he became close to Sravani, with whom he wanted to live his life forever. He spent most of his time trying to impress Sravani and became successful but by the time he expressed his feelings, she left him without any clue. After such an insomniac period of time, all of a sudden, today he was told that his friend committed suicide mentioning him as the reason for it. Why did Sravani leave him? What made Arjun commit suicide? What happened at suicide spot? Is ‘out of sight, out of mind’ unerring?”

9789352013760 (1)
Ramesh Sattennapalli
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Ramesh Sattenapalli is a Mechanical Engineer and has been working in an engineering services company called Cyient Ltd. He stays with his parents in Hyderabad, India. It is not only a dream for him to become a writer but it is his passion, ambition, and goal to reach people through his writing that encouraged him to become a writer. He is very good at understanding the human psychology which makes him versatile and lets others feel comfortable around him. He focuses more on the good human relationships and wants to spread the same through his writing. He participated in the several short story contests held in his school, college, and office. He’s well reputed for his story narration, thrill and breathtaking endings.