Hopeless Romantic

By Mansi Jikadara B.

Casey Dalton, young, beautiful and an introvert, shifts to Chicago with her Dad. Her life is calm, reserved and anti-social until she accidently bumps into Jason Ellwood on the very first day of her new school. He is fascinating, gorgeous and a Casanova as people say, and charms her into his love spell, despite having a very hot girlfriend! While she tries to solve the mysterious puzzle of love, she meets Eric Simpson, innocent, cute and a warm soul, who falls in love with her.

Her life changes completely with her heart wrapped around Jason’s little finger. Will he protect it or will he crush it into pieces, for today, he loves her like he invented it and tomorrow he forgets her like an old poetry? Will she ever find out what feelings his heart holds for her? Can a Casanova fall in love too? Is Eric her Mr. Right? Who will she choose: her heart or her mind?

Mansi Jikadara B.
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Mansi Jikadara B. is a Unicorn disguised in a human body. She tried her hand at writing at the age of seventeen and Hopeless Romantic is her very first novel. Apart from her interest in writing she also loves painting, sketching, paper art and sometimes cooking. If not a writer she’d definitely be a vampire! She also writes poetry, to read the #TypewriterDaily Poetry Series—you can check out: Instagram: www.instagram.com/poet_withatypewriter/ Facebook page: www.facebook.com/PoetWithATypewriter/ Blogs: http://thetypewriterdaily.tumblr.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/WordWeaver5